About Motion For Memory

Our program uses a constantly varied movement across time and modes to ensure continued improvement in physical performance. What does that mean? Varied movements stimulate muscle strength and growth, regardless of your age.

Benefits of Motion For Memory Classes

Memory loss has seemed almost an inevitable result of the aging process. We also see many other effects of aging: Loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, loss of bone density, loss of cardio-vascular function, and what’s more loss of social interaction. The constantly varied exercise and to some extent exercise in general has been documented to affect all of these aspects of health.

Where to Start

I would like to offer the opportunity to any of my friends or people they believe would benefit from this type of program.

We are hosting classes in a number of gyms in the area.

Contact us by either emailing us at Walter@MotionForMemory.com or by calling us at (737) 990-2032.


Your financial support allows us to keep our dream alive to help anyone with age related memory loss through exercise. We use your generous support to fund our programs and pay our coaches.