You or someone you know has likely been touched by memory loss resulting from the aging process or degenerative cognitive diseases.

Motion for Memory has developed a program, based on personal experiences and research that uses a constantly varied movement to ensure continued improvement in physical performance. We cannot say for sure whether this reverses the degenerative processes described above, but, we can say that our participants tell us they “feel better” after working out and their families share that their overall well-being is improved. Additional benefits of the exercise programs include:

  • Improved physical function and retention and sometimes gain of muscle mass,
  • Increased energy and productivity in daily living,
  • Improved bone density,
  • Improved cardio-vascular function,
  • and almost always increased social interaction.

Your financial support allows us to continue to serve anyone with age related memory loss through exercise. Greater than 90 percent of your donation goes directly towards helping our participants—the vast majority goes towards renting space and hiring specially trained coaches to lead you or your loved ones though workouts designed specifically for them.

Please click on the DONATE button now to help support our cause. We are a local 501(c)(3) organization started in East Walpole, MA and serving participants and families in the area.